Two Peas in a Podcast – Episode 8

Two Peas in a Podcast – Episode 8

Another Day at the Office and Interview with Garrett French and Blake McDonald”


  1. Adam Streeter 3 years ago

    The first parts of this episode starts out kind of creepy. But i do udderly respect the fact that these two are pretty good at dpoing these podcasts
    It is brother Jeremy Stiles, and Nashoba Aquino. thank you to all who supported. Credits.
    Podcasts originated by: Jertemy Stiles and Nashoba Aquino. Sound by: Jeremy ( sometimes Nashoba .) Vegetable puns by: Nashoba Aquino. ( sometimes Jeremy.)
    Guests: Episode 3: “The crowd”. Episode 7: Mannasseh Perez, & Judy Perez. Episode 8: Garrett French & Blake McDonald. Episode 9: ????????????
    And Episode 10: Dad jokes: Braden Blacksher, Toni Thomas, Jenny Flores and introducing …….Adam Streeter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. moses 3 years ago

    I liked the story

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