Two Peas in a Podcast – Episode 2

Two Peas in a Podcast – Episode 2

“Can God Sin?”

Leave us a comment. We want to know how you feel on this particular subject.  Thanks for listening!


  1. Rachel 3 years ago

    I like listening to these because it’s like listening to a Bible study. I really like this one.

  2. Manasseh Perez 3 years ago

    I enjoyed the conversation, just thinking..
    Maybe a little music in the background might help fill in the blank spots?
    Kinda like they did with “candid conversations with Connie” on Adventures in Odyssey

    • Kiara Arthur 2 years ago

      I know right!

  3. Hannah Bailey 3 years ago

    bro nice intro

  4. Kaylen Michele Waldrep 3 years ago

    Jeremy and Shoba:

    Excellent, excellent, excellent! I love it all – very good balance of humor and seriousness. I’m proud of you guys for making this happen!

    Keep it up! You have at least one fan! 🙂

  5. Two Peas in a Podcast 3 years ago

    Thanks guys! We really appreciate the feedback.

  6. Bryson 3 years ago

    nice dudes

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