Two Peas in a Podcast – Episode 1

Two Peas in a Podcast – Episode 1

“New Beginnings”

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  1. Austin Hancock 4 years ago

    Nice Dude! God Bless!! Murica!!

  2. LiL Stew 4 years ago

    The answer to the Rahab question is No, God does not condone lying for any reason. God may use a sinner and someone not a part of the church to accomplish his will… He once even used a donkey (Number 23). The last point I have is that while God hates the sin he loves the sinner.
    Part 2: we ought to obey God over man… God is not under the laws of men. He is the Supreme Authority. Why would you question God?
    They knew that the wages of sin is death, It is up to God’s judgement. Bro. Rodgers is incredible!!

  3. Rachel 4 years ago

    I really like Two Peas in a Podcast. It is a lot of fun to listen to, and it’s funny.

  4. Manasseh Perez 4 years ago

    Hello everyone!
    Me and my sisters Judah and Shalom are distance learners from Oakland California.
    We just found the podcast on the website and really enjoyed it.
    Good job, very funny.

  5. fatima 3 years ago

    I really love Two Peas in a Podcast. keep going!

  6. Kaylen Michele Waldrep 3 years ago

    Tyrone and Tyrese:

    Great job, guys!! You have an alumni listening; that must mean something! 🙂

  7. Jamille Flores 3 years ago

    I really liked it nice job.

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