Senior Interview: Toni Thomas

Senior Interview: Toni Thomas

By Rebekah McCoy


Q. How does it feel to be a senior?

A. It’s kind of scary, but at the same time exciting because I’m ready to be done with school.”


Q. You are doing concurrent enrollment, is it stressful being in high school and college?

A. Yes and no. Yes because if you don’t get the right teachers, college can be stressful for you, but also no because I don’t have much work to do in high school.


Q. Describe your senior year in 3 words.

A. Exciting, fast, scary


Q. What is your favorite book?

A. One of my favorites is a series called the Mark of the Lion.


Q. What do you like to do in your free time?

A. I like to listen to music, read and relax.


Q. What are your plans after graduation?

A. I’m going to college I want to be in the dental field or the medical field.


Q. What is your best memory here at LCA?

A. When I slapped Blake.


Q. What is your most embarrassing moment at LCA?

A. When I was playing volleyball and a certain person bumped into me, I fell and he caught me and kinda held me.


Q.If you could change one thing about this school, what would it be?

A. The whole stinking building.


Q. Do you plan on coming back and volunteer after graduation?

A. Yes, but I don’t know what I would volunteer for, I will definitely come back for chapel services.


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