Chapel Update – 11/20/15

Chapel Update – 11/20/15

Chapel Update

The Holy Ghost

A couple weeks back, we had our power hour chapel service. It was focused on the Holy Ghost. When began service with some fun songs and afterward there was a puppet show. The puppet show was about being born again (John 3:1-6).

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Then, Bro. Rodgers spoke about the Holy Ghost. He used several illustrations. During one of them, he used two cans. One was empty and the other was full. He compared the cans to 2 types of people. The empty can represented someone who is “empty” spiritually. The full can represented someone who is “full” of the Holy Ghost. The devil can easily “crush” when we are empty, but it is a lot harder for the enemy to fall into his trap when we are full of God’s Spirit.

Bro. Rodgers used Bro. Garrett French for his second illustration. He was to walk across a piece of tape without stepping off of the tape. At first, Garrett had no trouble doing it. Later, he had to carry colossal books on his arms and try to walk across it. After having several books on both arms, he wasn’t able to make it. The meaning behind this object lesson was that it is hard to walk the straight and narrow road with sin in our lives. It will pile up and began to wear us down — to the point where we can barely walk.

The last illustration he used was two types of shirts. One of the shirts was clean and the other was dirty. Bro. Rodgers walked around asking if anyone would like to wear the dirty shirt. Needless to say, not many people wanted to put the shirt on. He then asked who wanted to wear the clean one, and more students were willing to wear it. The dirty shirt represented someone living a sinful lifestyle, and the clean shirt represented someone who is living a repented lifestyle. God won’t fill us with His Spirit if we don’t truly repent. However, once we’ve repented, God is more than willing to fill us with His Spirit. We must stay full of the Holy Ghost!

~ Carlos D. Medrano


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