Senior Interview: Leonel Rocha

Senior Interview: Leonel Rocha

By Jenny Flores

Q: What goals do you want to accomplish before graduating?
A: I want to have a job.

Q: Are you attending college right now? What for?
A: Yes, for Business and Administration.

Q: What is the most memorable moment here at LCA?
A: When the Holy Ghost moved in our morning prayer.

Q: Who is someone you look up to? And why?
A: My dad, because of his consistency and how he isn’t afraid to stand for godly values. He is sensitive to the Holy Ghost and loyal to the man of God in his life.

Q: What is something you enjoy here at LCA?
A: Chapel services.

Q: What are you thankful for?
A: My parents.

Q: Who is your favorite character in the Bible?
A: Paul.

Q: What’s the most impacting service you’ve experienced?
A: Heritage 2016 Friday night.

Q: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
A: I’ll almost have a bachelor’s degree. I’ll have a different car, and a job.

Q: What would you like to do for the kingdom of God?
A: I want to be a soul winner and a prayer warrior.

Q: Have you ever got a perfect attendance award?
A: Maybe once.

Q: What is the best lesson learned?
A: Endurance, commitment, and faithfulness.


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