By Rebekah McCoy:

Once there was a man who traveled down a well beaten path. He never really thought about where he was going; he was just living his life following the crowd. Although he enjoyed his journey, he still felt empty, as if there was more he could be doing. One day he came to a crossroads and was faced with a decision. Should he continue on the path that was so familiar to him? Or should he take a new path, one that did not look as traveled? This new path was not as easily seen for the brush and weeds that were overgrown. It would be more work; it would take more effort. His desire for something more burned within him, and he chose the new one. This road was not easy. He found himself more alone than he had been in the past. The road was not as smooth. There were obstacles he had to maneuver across and mountains to climb. He endured many storms and lonely nights. So many times he questioned his decision. The other path would have been so much easier. He would have faced little opposition. Had he made the wrong choice?


Still, he pressed on, uncertain of where he would end but determined to finish. One day, he glanced over his shoulder and saw there were now others behind him; they were following his footsteps. They were walking the path he had forged through the wilderness. He realized that all those trials and times of loneliness had made him stronger. He had developed into something he never thought possible – a leader.


Being a leader is not always easy. It’s doing what’s right in the midst of wrong. It’s picking up a piece of trash that someone left in the hallway, it’s staying quiet when your teacher says no talking and others continue, it’s doing your job before you are asked to, it’s doing what’s right even when you don’t feel like it.


A leader shows the way in everything, giving their very best no matter how big or small the task. A leader doesn’t have to say “follow me”, he just does right and others follow his example.


Leaders or not only needed in the physical sense but also in the spiritual. Someone who leads spiritually plugs in and puts everything they have into getting a hold of God. That might mean stepping out in worship, responding accordingly when a convicting message goes forth, or standing beside your brother or sister and helping them get the victory.


Leadership does not have an age. 1 Timothy 4:12 tells us, “Let no man despise thy youth; but be thou an example of the believers, in word, in conversation, in charity, in spirit, in faith, in purity.” You do not have to be a certain age to do what’s right. All it takes is a determination and mindset to please God and give Him your best in everything.


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